Roleplaying Game


In Nomine  v.3 2

In Nomine is a modern roleplaying game in which the players take the part of celestial beings - angels and demons - as they struggle for control of humanity and themselves.

EverQuest: Escape to Norrath  v.1.0

Experience the award winning world of Norrath for free in EverQuest Escape to Norrath.


Wazzal  v.1 2

Wazzal is a single-player roleplaying game that takes place in outer space. In the year 2314, you have been hired as a crewmember in a small cargo spaceship named Wolf IV. Its job is to trade goods with distant human colonies.

Magebane 2  v.

Magebane 2 is a 3D strategic roleplaying game. In this single-player game, you will control three monks, whose mission is to recover the holy amulet of Yendor.

Driftmoon  v.0.52

Driftmoon is an adventure-oriented roleplaying game, with focus on storytelling, exploring and quests.

Altair VI  v.

Altair VI is a turn-based action roleplaying game, set in an original science fiction environment. Altair VI takes inspiration from board games, collectible card games and turn-based roleplaying games to create an original gaming experience. During

Byakhee CoC Character Generator  v.30

Byakhee is a character generator for the Call of Cthulhu pen and paper roleplaying game including the 1890s setting, modern day/Deltagreen.

DSA Toolbox  v.1.0

DSAToolbox is a collection of tools for users and gamemasters of Das Schwarze Auge 4th Edition, a roleplaying game from Germany, known as The Dark Eye.

Full Immersion RPG  v.0.0.2

Full Immersion RPG will be a PHP- and MySQL- driven Roleplaying Game.

GlElite  v.1.3

Teddy is general graphics library and space-roleplaying game framework.

Massah rpg  v.0.3

Massah rpg - pen and paper roleplaying game, using d20 system and translated to finnsh.

Nephilim RPG Character Generator  v.0.6

This is a PHP-based character generator for the Nephilim roleplaying game as published by Chaosium Inc.

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